Saturday, April 17, 2010

Free Business Cards from and etsy

I was reading one of my favorite blogs a pretty cool life and found a post about making a business card holder which I have yet to try, but plan to do so soon... Any way Cheryl was making a card holder for the free business cards she got from and Etsy.

You can use your own logo or up to 50 pictures...the same picture must go on the front with your name and info, but the back can have lots of different arrangements!

I used some of my projects, my cat Frosty and some random photos I had...the cards are really nice, a thick card stock and look really quality. The free ones have and etsy advertising on the front with an offer for 10% off your first order at I am really pleased with mine, they just came in the mail today.

Aren't they cool?
Zip over to a pretty cool life to make a business card holder for your free business cards!

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Waseem said...

like the idea and all the info...these are elegant design for cards..i wish to use it for plastic business cards.