Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Audrey and her Baby Cocoon

This is my niece Audrey...she is one week old today. She had just eaten so she was happy.
I have been waiting for her to be born so I could show off one of my knitted projects...

I bought the pattern on this etsy site. I just accidentally ran across the seller 4aSong and loved this baby cocoon.

I really made the cocoon for my other niece Jess (this is her photography site) to use for her baby shoots.

Since I had the opportunity to use the cocoon before I mailed it to Jess and I had an excellent model, I took advantage of the situation.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful baby?

And the knitting isn't bad either!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love it. What a beautiful Happy Baby Girl. You all have been Blessed.

Angie Hartley said...

This is the pattern writer, Angie from I was born in Columbia, Missouri! How long have you lived there? Beautiful baby and nice job on the knitting!