Monday, July 13, 2009

Home, Hummingbirds and Her Majesty Elena

Mom and Dad keep two hummingbird feeders on their front porch.
It's a joy to watch these tiny birds flitting around and chirping loudly
especially when the bottle is empty.
This bottle is empty and these birds are not happy!!
Elena sat outside with the Grandma Prices and kept a close eye on the
hummingbirds...she kept making chirping noises like the birds.

You gotta watch those birds all the time!!

This is my fave hummingbird pic! The little guy on the right is all sprawled out and is showing his underbelly (if hummingbirds have underbellies).

A fight has erupted between two tiny ones....

Playing inside with Grandma's dollhouse...a family tradition..Elena is the perfect age for dollhouses!

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