Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions…to make or not to make…that is the question!

I used to make resolutions, but not so much any more. It seemed like when I did make them, for sure I wouldn’t follow through. Plus they were always the same every year. Lose weight, keep a cleaner house, be a better mom, spend less money.  You know the drill!  A few years ago I decided to stop making them and stop breaking them.  I just sort of chose an idea or a wish that I wanted to come true, and just focused on making it happen.

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Last year it was to get things in my home more organized.  I was fairly successful at that.  The year before I focused on financial planning and make some significant changes. This year I couldn’t really decide which way to go, but I think balance is what I came up with, a balance in my life. 

framed hope

So I was playing with Tagxedo today and came up with the words that I wanted to happen, or that I want to have…  I used Picmonkey to edit the picture some and make the frame.

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You may have noticed that I have changed my blog a bit…time for a makeover!  My niece Liz helped me did most of it with new blog buttons and now I have cute little icons for Pinterest, Etsy, Twitter (don’t hold your breath because I don’t tweet much, although I am working on that!), Instagram and Facebook.  I also updated my Link Parties and Features buttons and pages, although I am still working on the posts. 

framed blog heart

While I was playing around on Tagxedo today I made a word cloud (or heart as it may be) of the top words on my blog for the past month or so.  Kind of cool!

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So anyway, that’s all the news on this front!  Happy New Year!



Al@PolkaDotsandPaisley said...

I love the changes! The colour is beautiful.

jess said...

i like the blog changes too! seems more like YOU. love the word cloud art pieces...very cool. you should frame them in your house as a reminder this year of what your "goals" or resolutions are! xo