Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today is National Hammock Day!

Yup, it is a holiday today!  Hammock Day…yes, that’s right!  Nothing better than laying out in a hammock watching the clouds go by.  So in keeping with this holiday, I want to show you my Salvation Army find from last week…


That’s it…that new in the package, original hardware included, never been hung up hammock! Five buckaroos!  Yes, you heard that right!


I hung it up in less than 10 minutes (did I mention that it had the original hardware included?) and put it to good use. 

photo (2)

I immediately tried it out and this is what I saw!  Love that view!  Sam tried it out too, but he is too shy around the camera to get a better pic!

photo (1)

Hope you have a great day even if you don’t have a hammock…

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Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh that is a total score! Didn't know about the National Hammock Day. Makes me want to dig my frame out from under the deck and set up my free-standing one. Wish I had a tree hanging one though!

Roeshel said...

Oh no! I forgot to celebrate! lol! Ours are still in storage. I need to dig them out and celebrate this weekend! Great find - $5?! Awesome!