Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sea Shells

I was at the same auction that I got the buttons and bought this dirty wicker picnic basket with seashells inside.  Actually I didn’t even see them until the auctioneer (my brother) announced there were seashells inside!  I just bought them sight unseen!


I cleaned them by soaking them for a few hours in bleach water and scrubbed the dirt off of them with a brush..  They lightened up a lot, I think they were so dark before that they looked a dark grey!


I like how this one look like it is turned into sand on the very end.  It is grainy too, and a bit crumbly.  Wonder how old it is…


I can sit by the fire and pretend like I am at the ocean with my seashells.



Pamela said...

So beautiful. I brought one home from Cape May a year ago and my grandkids are still fascinated by it. I love your collection and the places they take you to!

Sarah said...

Im doing a beach them through my entire house. I just love the your find to.