Monday, January 16, 2012

Crazy about Cloches (aka Bell Jars)


I just love cloches…when my mom was at my home over Christmas, she got tired of me talking about cloches…she calls them bell jars.  I was so excited when I made my first cloche.


I found all these cloches in one antique mall today here in Columbia. 

cloche collage4

Lots of different shapes and sizes!  I now have five cloches, Sarah gave me this one…I paired it with a white ironstone footed dessert plate. 


It has been fun to create little vignettes to go under the cloches.


I crocheted a tiny birds nest to go with some sea shells…


This cloche without a knob on top was $3 at the Goodwill store.  It came over an atrocious wind up plastic clock, but the cloche is glass.  I re-donated the clock! :)


This little guy is a votive holder upside down.  I glued on an interesting pinkish glass knob from Hobby Lobby ($1 on sale and some more off because it was broken--there was no screw to attach it to a drawer). 


So, this is what I have done today…played with cloches!


I even have a Pinterest board that is full of cloches!


This little dude is now sitting on my kitchen window sill…love it there. 


I am linking to these wonderful parties!



South Bay Studio said...

These are just beautiful. Kathi

DIYbyDesign said...

I really love cloches as well. I have yet to find one at a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign's Winter Blue Wednesday party.

Suffia said...

Love all your cloches and the vignettes that go under them. Very creative!

Kate Nyquist said...

i am a cloche lover too! i have most of mine sitting on some of my larger milk glass pieces. love yours!
Kate x

MC said...

What a great idea, these are beautiful.

momto8 said...

duh! I never ever thought of this! they just showcase
the beauty of whatever you want. . I learn something new everyday.
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love them too! You have a wonderful collection!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I love the one you created. Very unique.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

you've been having fun with cloches! Great pieces!

Jen Lossing, Artistic Abode Designs said...

These are great! I love cloches too! They can be so expensive, so when you see one you like for a great price, grab it!!

Beth @Under A Pile of Scrap! said...

I love cloches too! I have found a couple at garage sales and flea markets that are cool! I'm not that good with creating the vignettes underneath tho. ;^)

Gail said...

You had fun assemblying all these cloche scenes and that shows.

Deana said...

beautiful!! thanks so much for joining my party!!

Jenn Erickson said...

I'm a big fan of cloches and your collection and displays are absolutely lovely!