Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sarah’s posting soon!

I have this sister named Sarah…
Sarah and Ellen
She is really crafty…but she always says I am the crafty one…
She is the middle girl of five, so she is that notorious middle child!  Well, except we also have three brothers.  Yep, that is a total of eight kids!
And yep, that’s a total of four all polyester leisure suits in that photo!  And you can’t tell but there are three (maybe four) maxi dresses! Trust me, they were in style then.  At least I hope they were because we were all wearing them then!
So Sarah and I exchange gifts every other months, must be handmade things…usually that we make for the other.  I have made lots of cool things, most of which you see here on my blog.  Sarah doesn’t really have a blog, but I have been encouraging her to start one.  She always says she doesn’t have time.   But she made this felted wool ball garland.
And these JOY blocks…
and these labels for my crafts…
And these wonderful mug mats for my desk at work….
And this really cute felted present for my tree…
And darling snowman magnet for the fridge…
And this soap holder for the shower…
And this package for Christmas last year…  Well, you get the idea, I guess…Sarah is very crafty and I am happy to announce she is going to be doing an occasional guest post here and there!  So, watch closely for the next post, which will be by Sarah!

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Terriea Kwong said...

So sweet to see your family photos. A treasure and cherish for your love with sisters and brothers. The crafts are great gifts to share.