Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Ten

I think this sounds like a great idea…thanks Stephanie Lynn for the link party!
I always have pictures that won’t fit into a post that I would like to show off or talk about…so here goes!!
I had to stop on my way to work and snap this picture last week of the morning sun shining through the clouds…just beautiful.
I spent most of Saturday helping my brother (he’s an auctioneer) with an auction.  Really I was there to spend time with these two cuties, my great nieces Elena (above) and Audrey (snoozing).  They used to live really close to me, in the same town, but Sunday they moved to Kentucky, so….it has been kinda sad thinking I won’t see them at least every weekend at church.  Elena is telling me a story about some movie she was watching, something about a bad guy…Miss Audrey can sleep anywhere…she is passed out right on the carpet!
Fresh flowers on my desk at work…I have made a resolution to always keep fresh flowers there…I have an office without a window, so this keeps me grounded!
A bee hive, just sitting there in the dogwood tree one day when I got home…they hung around for about 3 days and then packed up and left. I was OK with that!
I love listening to my water garden, the fountain running and watching the fish swim around…so does Baby Kitty too!
And here is the rear end (sorry for the angle) of a cute little tree frog that was a nice green color on his top side!  He had camouflaged himself nicely into the green leaf…except for his underbelly that is!
I have a craft show coming up in 10 days so I have been crafting a few new things for that.  Here are some eggs—some in map and some in dictionary decoupage!  I thought they looked cute in my wool felted nest!
And my last picture….


2justByou said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks so much for sharing. I've never seen a beehive - and you've got pics of one! And I like your nest of eggs, especially the ones of map! =)

KimMalk said...

Stopping over from UTTAD What a nice top ten post. I love your little cuties (children!) and your felted nest.

Sarah said...

Very neat photos!! The beehive ones are pretty darn cool :)


Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Hi Ellen, Your first photo is stunning- so pretty!I love your pond too - I really want one those. Thanks so much for linking =) Have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn