Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blue Lagoon Chair Redo and a Turtle Visit



I had this plain run-of-the-mill heavy wood office type chair.  During the winter I had a plant sitting on the chair and it apparently leaked out and the finish was peeling.  Since it was very solid and a comfy chair, I decided to paint it.  I started by sanding the chair lightly so the primer and paint would adhere better…this is just the first coat of primer below.


Here’s my excellent work space in the driveway…I did have an assistant on this project.  It was in the low 90s today when I worked on this and I noticed this little box turtle sitting underneath the chair, in the shade.  He had such a beautiful pattern on his back….a design that could only be found in nature.



This was my first turtle sighting this year.  I watched this fellow navigate around the driveway and noticed he made a circular path…I got to looking at him and found he only had claws on his left front foot (or is it a paw or a leg—what ever you call that appendage in a turtle).  His right front foot was just a nub, no claws, no



I keep thinking of how hard it would be to get around like this turtle without claws on his front foot.   Yet the turtle never seemed to notice.  Makes me wonder if he was born like that or did he get into a fight with something or someone?  Poor little guy. 


He took off into the edge of the yard, happy as can be, oblivious to the fact that he was not perfect. 


Anyway, back to the chair…I am loving the color, blue is always my fave!  I used several light coats of the Lagoon color, let it dry and then distressed the chair, and then used my usual layer of lacquer, which I absolutely love!


The finished product will go in my bedroom…


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Anonymous said...

How cool you have turtles in your yard!! I just did a dresser in turquoise it's a great color isn't it? Thanks for sharing--connie,

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I love the color!! I have a lighter shade on my bathroom walls.

Cassie Bustamante said...

the chair is so bright and happy! and the turtle is too cute, too! :)

LaVonne said...

Great color for the chair. Thanks for sharing it.

I am visiting from DIY by Design. It is nice to "meet" you.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

Deana said...

love the color you chose, so fun!! looks so much better. this post would be a fabulous addition to my weekly blog party "from trash to treasure" I'd really love it if you joined in!

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Great post! Chair is pretty and turtle won my heart!

michele said...

loving the chair makeover and that cute turtle. great photography!

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