Friday, May 28, 2010

Lunch with Laney, Admiring Audrey

Laney and I went to lunch yesterday...a picnic in the park!
It was very hot and humid yesterday so I chose Shelter Gardens instead of the playground park, just because I don't like to sweat any more than I have to. 
We had McDonald's of course!  Laney was a bit upset that I didn't get her any ketchup, but when I ordered at the drive through window she was shouting out her order while I was trying to place the order, so things were a bit confusing!  Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, hey Yaya, cheeseburger!
Hey Yaya, can I go see the fishes again???  Pleasssse??
What??  Seems like I heard that a few hundred times!
Back to the fishes!!  They were so cute (according to Laney).  She showed me which ones were the mama, which ones were the babies....Maybe she will grow up to be a marine biologist, but I couldn't tell which one was the mama or the daddy or the baby.
I thought the wind chime was very nice!  Laney thought the sounds were spooky!  She said "Let's get out of this forest".

Laney accurately identified the beautiful roses...she said they smelled very good...
The dragon fountain with the blue water was soooo interesting....
but Laney thought the lions were so grumpy...she gave this cement guy a kiss and once again said "Let's get out of here." 
He does look grumpy, huh?
One more trip to see the mama and baby fishes and then we went back to Laney's house, where Laney immediately had a major meltdown and was whisked off to her bed for a nap.  She was really tired and it was well past her naptime.
So I thought I would try out my newly knitted brown colored baby pod just like the cream one I posted about before.
Well, Audrey was awake and let's just say not interested....
She squirmed and stretched and grunted and rooted and refused to be snuggled down into the cocoon pod.
It didn't help that she was a wee bit hungry either...I tried propping her up against the back of the chair.
That was unsuccessful also.
Audrey wants me to know that she is a big girl now and she is not going to be squished up any more like a fetus!!
And that is all she has to say about that!


jess said...

Those are the cutest pics!! Your rendition of Laney's comments was absolutely hilarious - especially the windchimes in the "Forrest!!" You couldn't make this stuff up:)

EllensCreativePassage said...

Yes, I think the forest comment came from a Disney movie she has never know what is going to come out of her mouth! She was so much fun, it reminded me of when I used to take you (Jess) and your siblings there!

Josh and Liz said...

Love the pictures of Laney watching the fishies, but especially love the one of Audrey with her leg stuck straight out of that cocoon. NOT interested! :)

Carol said...

Very cute post!