Friday, May 7, 2010

Flower Basket in the Pink!

I was at my favorite Goodwill store and found a really pretty older very solid pink handled basket. I swear I could sit on it and it wouldn't break, that is how solid it is. The best part is that it only cost me $3!
Of course with the planting season upon me, I decided to use it as a planter for shades of pink and white dianthus, purple and white alyssum and a bit of creeping jenny.

I just lined the planter with clear plastic to keep the soil in...

and cut a few holes in the plastic for drainage.

I think it makes quite a statement...I am hoping the basket will last two summers.


Laura said...

This is so pretty! Thanks for linking up to Saturday is Crafty Day!

Ashley said...

Such a cute idea! I've been wanting to try this and yours turned out so pretty!!! Great job!