Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Best Christmas Present Ever

This little wooden chair is 75 years old. Mom's aunt Jessie Marie (everyone called her Marie) gave the chair to mom around the time she started walking, mom guesses around 18 months. Marie died sometime in her twenties and never married or had children of her own. Mom has a picture of herself in this chair with her mom, but isn't sure of the picture's exact location. We plan to go through old family pictures and organize and
label them some time this spring.There is a crack in the seat and one of the rungs has been replaced by my uncle Bob. It used to be orange and has been painted red now, still some orange peeks through.

My great niece Elena had her picture taken on the little red chair today...she pointed out that it was a very small chair and then she fell off of it!
My own baby had his fifteen month pictures taken with this chair. Isn't he so cute? He is fifteen today...
My niece Ruth Ellen loved to sit on the chair when she visited Grandma and Grandpa's house.

This sweet Boyd's bear sat on in on Mom's fabric cabinet at home, so the bear came with the little red chair. I can't imagine receiving a better Christmas present ever!

It will be one of my most treasured possessions....it looks so cute underneath the Christmas tree.

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