Monday, November 30, 2009

Pre Thanksgiving Shopping at The Schaefer House

The Saturday before Thanksgiving Ruth, my mom, Carol and Jane and I went to Jefferson City to The Schaefer House. Let me tell you, if you have never been there, you should definitely go!

The store is an actual house and it is chock full of lots of home decorating items, Christmas decorations and ornaments, gifts, plaques, candles, and I could go on her for days!

Jane and Ruth

Even the restroom door is elegantly done!

and bedrooms...

Lots of inspirational plaques...I bought the one above about family.

I think part of what makes this store so appealing is that the store rambles all through the house...upstairs and downstairs. Lots of things to see and touch and smell. And very helpful staff who are always close by to help you find something or answer questions.

Linens and more linens....

This whole tree was covered with knitted ornaments...

There's no man like a snowman!So much to look at...

We were so tired after all the shopping that we HAD to go to Arris Pizza Palace across from the Capitol in Jeff City. We dined on Spinach pie and gyros.
Jane admiring Ruth's iPhone


Unknown said...

that was a fun day!!!

Ruth Price said...

It was a VERY fun day!!