Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Christmas Tree Shrub

For the past few years we have used an artificial Christmas tree. Earlier this fall I was complaining about this shrub/tree that has outgrown its space. I almost cut it down, but decided to save it to use for greenery for the winter decorating. Sam decided that we should get a real tree this year and save money while doing it...yup, we cut that tree down and it is now our Christmas tree!
It is shaped kinda funny, but we like it very much!

I like the traditional tree with the sentimental ornaments...this one is vintage--my grandma gave me about a dozen of them.

These are for present pets and past pets...
A few years ago Sam had a sock monkey thing, so we have sock monkeys, I couldn't get rid of those!

This is the ornament Mom gave me when I was expecting Sam.

and Sam's first Christmas ornament.

And his third grade ornament....

And a Precious Moments ornament a dear friend gave me when I was in nursing school years ago...

I made the festive quilted tree skirt--Santa faces all around!

I am posting this at Red Writing's Twelve Weeks of Christmas...come see me there!


Carrie said...

ha! That was a great idea! And it looks adorable!

laterg8r said...

i love your tree skirt - very cool :D

Jenny said...

I like it! Oh Christmas Shrub, Oh Christmas Shrub! I came visiting from Red Writing.