Sunday, March 29, 2009

My New Sock!

OK, here it is...took me about a week to knit it, but hopefully the next one will take less time. I made it out of all cotton I Love This Cotton (thank you Hobby Lobby) yarn in color #64 Aqua Ombre. The pattern is from the booklet Patons Next Steps Four Socks and Slippers, the basic sock (medium worsted).
It was listed as a beginner level pattern, but was a bit confusing. But then again I haven't knitted socks since high school.
Speaking of that, here are my high school knee highs in just about the same colors. They were made of acrylic yarn and so they have little fuzzballs on them.

I was very proud of them and wore them until the bottom of the sole became very thin. One of the socks is about an inch longer than the other. Thirty plus years later I notice this, although I do not remember being a problem at the time.
Anyway, here they are side by side.
I had to put elastic in the top of the cuff so they would stay up.
I didn't find any mistakes or slipped stitches with them.

So much for my knitting reminiscing!
I'm on to knitting sock #2!

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Unknown said...

willis...i love the new sock. it reminds me a lot of the socks i just knitted last week!! we must have used a very similar pattern...