Wednesday, February 5, 2014


2014-01-17 010
You might have noticed that I have been quiet lately.  I have been busy…mostly handmade gifts for Christmas, doing some sewing for others this month, last month I knitted 8 pair of wool slippers for felting and a few dog sweaters foe Milo and his cousin.
2014-02-02 010
It’s been very nice to create without having to stage and photograph every step along the way. 
2014-02-04 011
This will be a banner for my Colorado niece. 
2014-01-11 020
I have this pattern, just waiting for the yarn to arrive to knit it with.  Love it so much, can’t wait to get started.
2014-02-04 006
I made a bunch of pillows for Christmas gifts using t shirts with logos that fit each recipient.  I had so much fun picking out the appropriate t shirt (they all came from thrift stores, so it was an inexpensive gift!). 
2014-02-04 009
So anyway, I took January off and was relieved not to have to take photos, create posts, check stats and promote the blog via instagram, pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc.  I used to come home from work (after sitting at a computer for 8-10 hours a day) and get on the lap top to start a blog post or link to parties or whatever.  I would spend several hours doing that.
2013-11-06 012
So I decided to stop and bid Creative Passage goodbye.  I have very much enjoyed it and it is fun to see how my posts have grown in various ways (professionalism, photography, popularity).  I will keep on being the same creative person I have always, but for now the blog is sitting quiet. I won’t delete it but will leave it available for anyone who wants a tutorial or project instructions. 
2013-11-03 007
Thank you to the 1200+ followers and commenters over the past five years (just one month shy of five years).  I love reading your comments and seeing new followers adding up over those years!
2013-11-13 002
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, so it ends with a single step as well.
Wishing each and every one of you the best always!  Create on!!

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