Saturday, November 16, 2013

Better Pictures and a New Sponsor

I was contacted by about doing a sponsored post.  I could choose anything on their site and I chose something to make my blog a bit better!

2013-10-30 030

I almost exclusively take my photos outside on a sunny day, sometimes that is virtually impossible so I end up waiting for daylight or sunny skies. That slows down my blogging and posting.

2013-10-30 008

So when I was contacted by YesComUSA I jumped on the chance to get a nice photo booth/cube with accessories.  I got four background colors, a pop up tent with a carrying bag, two lights (even with three bulbs) on tripods, two camera tripods (one small traditional and one a bendy one).

2013-10-30 010

It all fit nicely in a storage bag and was easy to set up and put away.

2013-10-30 020

I started taking pics of any thing I could get my hands on…started with the pup Milo.

2013-10-30 022

I love how the light is soft.

2013-10-30 021

He didn’t mind too much as long as the treats kept coming!

2013-10-30 024

The cube is very light weight and easy to use.

2013-11-10 017

I haven’t used the colored backgrounds yet, but have big plans for Christmas pictures!

2013-11-10 016

Look how tiny the camera tripod is…very handy to have.  I think I will be using this photo kit a lot!

2013-10-30 028

I photographed this dark yarn and even though the color is pretty dark, the wrapped yarn showed up very well. 

The 32" Pop Up Daylight Soft Light Photo Studio Tent Kit was provided to me for review.  The opinions are my own.


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Maggie said...

What a super kit. Photos are always a problem for me. They're too dark or too light or the colours aren't right! Milo looks cute xx