Friday, July 12, 2013

$4 Table Makeover


OK, this was a Goodwill score at $4…I bought it initially for my son’s new apartment.  He moved out a week ago and I thought since his new place was partially furnished that this would be a good addition.


It looks like it was a shop project…very sturdy, but the top is plywood and the edges had some gouges so I had to paint it.  I used wood filler and went over it several times with a sealer as there were some stains on the top.


I used a cocoa paint left over from another project and slathered on several coats to help cover any imperfections. I wasn’t happy with that so I painted the top white…


and I painted two stripes around the bottom using spray paint and tape.


It’s not perfect but neither was the table! 


Anyway, I have decided to keep this table for my spare bedroom (aka my son’s room).  I will need a bedside table so decided to keep this table for that room.


I am glad to have it done and I do like the way it looks.


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Unknown said...

I really like how you made over this table! You did a great job, and the stripes are fabulous!

Sam said...

Very nice job! The stripes really personalized it!

toodie said...

Looks wonderful! I wouldn't mind having that in my little nook to sit at.

Jules@Happy House and Home said...

It's really cute and I love the colors! I wish I would score a $4 table to copy your project! Julia

Jamie Koenig said...

The white stripes at the bottom really add something to the table. I love it new follower