Friday, May 24, 2013

Random things…


Last September the big hail storm we had destroyed my homemade umbrella, there were multiple holes and tears in it so I drug it up to the sewing room and mended it.  Probably a dozen holes in it and a big three corner tear.  I zig zagged it back together and added two rows of gross grain ribbon to help hold it together another year.


I made it from a drop cloth last summer, you can go here to see that post!  I washed it and bleached it after I patched it and it washed very well and is brighter.


Several years ago I taught a quilting class at church.  Fred was the only guy at both the classes and he took it all very seriously!  Most of the participants finished theirs slowly, and just a few weeks ago Fred brought his to me to send to my Aunt Marge to be quilted.


  Marge even commented on what a nice job he had done! Fred made a queen size quilt and a wall hanging from the leftovers!  It needs binding now and he will be done with it!


I bought this hernia-inducing concrete birdbath at an auction a few weeks ago.  $10!  I have always wanted one, but wanted one that wouldn’t tip over or be as likely to break.  This one fits the bill perfectly!


I’m steadily taking off the mosaic pieces and am planning to do something with flat marbles in shades of blues and greens.  Probably will keep the base white, but thinking about a turquoise color for the bowl part.  Any ideas on how that would look??


This container on my deck had all perennials planted last year and they survived and it is a beautiful collection of dianthus, and mums and some ornamental grass and creeping jenny.  Love that it didn’t cost anything!


I can identify, what can I say?  (found this on instagram)


Love this too!  (also found on instagram, not sure how to credit it there)


I was in Boonville with my boyfriend this past weekend  (yes, it is so exciting to say I have a boyfriend… for the past 3 months we have been hanging out and it has been a blast!) and we were wandering the downtown area and found this great little shop. 


Tons of neat planters, and all things recycled, upcycled but in a great way!


Ladders hanging from the ceiling holding all sorts of things, planters made from old metal washpans and dishes, ladders with old enamel dishes attached to each step to plant with flowers.  I asked the lady if I could take some pictures and she said yes, but then I saw a sign saying, no pictures! I put the phone away and stopped but this place is jammed with great things and reasonably priced too!  Stop by if you are ever there in Boonville, she makes all the furniture herself from upcycled wood. 


I might be linking up to some of these great parties! 


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Unknown said...

Hello, Ellen!

I made it to your blog via several other blogs, via Pinterest, all of which started from a photographer's facebook page which I stumbled upon from a photographer-friend liking that page! Funny how these things go, isin't it?

noticed your post on Never THe Same, the store in Boonville, and saw the cabinet that was made from an old door. The door knob (that at first might seem a bit awkward on a cabinet) would make a PERFECT place to hang a purse!

I'm a relatively recent (18 mos) transplant to Seattle, coming from South Dakota, and...wait for it...most of my family lives there in Columbia! I was there for visits at least once a year (many years twice a year) for nearly 30 years. We probably at the very least know people who know each-other!