Friday, June 8, 2012

Flowers flowers flowers

OK, so this is what I found when I came home this evening…this morning this pot was jammed with 4 inch tall zinnias and salvia.  This evening only a few remain…the dirt was all rooted out.  Oddly enough the coleus in the next pot was eaten, yup, just the stalk remained.  And the creeping jenny had been chomped on too!  And my water fountain was empty (its only about a gallon of water in it) and it had been pushed across the deck and the stones in it were displaced.   Would a deer come up on the deck, cause this sure sounds like a deer to me…
I got this hanging plant at a green house this spring…not sure what it is but it sure has striking blooms!
my hydrangea has finally bloomed!  One bloom is pinkish and one is slightly purplish/bluish.
I love all things blooming…

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Unknown said...

I'm not sure if deer would come on the porch, but they probably would. Your flowers are very pretty.