Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thrifting the past few weeks!

The thrifting market the last few weeks has been great!  Monday I was in St. Louis waiting for my son to get back from the Bahamas…his flight was supposed to be back at 6:50 but he didn’t get back until after 9:30 pm!  So, I had some time to look around for some thrift stores. 
I found this wooden pedestal bowl for $1.00…

and some cotton twill tapes that I thought I might use for label making.  And a ton of macrame rope or thread or what ever you want to call it!  I probably won’t use it, but it sure gives me a flashback to the 1970s!  I think I made a million macrame pot hangers.
And guess what?  The bowl is labeled with ‘77 which is the year I graduated high school!  The bowl is signed and it has red oak written on the bottom.  I plan to sand, paint, distress and lacquer it, but still pretty cool.  Clearly well made or it wouldn’t have held up this long!
And I found this wooden basket, very sturdy and strong.  I will probably paint it or at least distress it and use it for a basket for our family’s MDA fundraiser this fall.  Or maybe I will keep it and use it on the hearth for kindling. 
And last but not least I got a gallon zip lock bag full of seashells…I love seashells so much some times I think I am living in the wrong state!
Because here in Missouri, we just don’t have any beaches or seashells or salt water or dolphins!
So I have to make do with the occasional thrifted seashell find…

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