Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pillow Talk

I bought a new set of sheets at Wal Mart this past month.  They are a great blue color, actually exactly the same shade as my new dresser.  I have never bought sheets at Wal Mart before, unless I needed them for craft purposes (because they were so inexpensive). I might be a sheet snob, but I do love soft comfy sheets, all cotton of course! 
Well, I am a convert to Wal Mart sheets now!  Mine are Canopy brand and are packaged in a fabric covered storage box that now lives in my top drawer of my dresser.  They are extremely soft and look like a cotton sateen and they only cost me $44 for a queen size set (the last sheet set I bought at JCPenney was at least $80!). I always get a second set of matching pillow cases because I sleep with about a thousand pillows…but I got to thinking.  The pillowcases cost $20 separately, so for an additional $22 I could get another fitted and flat sheet in addition to the pillowcases.
I know this is getting complicated here, but bear with me!  I bought two sheet sets and used the extra flat sheet to make pillow cases for my assorted pillows.  I just measured the pillows and cut two pieces about six inches longer and two inches wider than the pillows.  And I made pillow case seams on them so they look professional!
I even used the hem on the sheet to make the hem on the pillowcases so they look professional.  So, to recap, I made two body pillow cases, two smaller rectangular pillow cases and a cover for my cylinder shaped pillow. 
Isn’t that quilt beautiful?  I’ll tell you more about it later…I got a smoking deal on it too!
So now I have an two fitted sheets, and four regular pillowcases, one flat sheet (those suckers never wear out!) and a total of six pillowcases I made.  And I have a large chunk of fabric left. Now I need to think about what to do with that extra piece of fabric….

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