Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Craft Show with Laura

This is my new friend Laura from the blog Along for the ride.  A month or so ago Laura asked me if I wanted to set up at a craft show with her in Columbia.  I jumped at the chance and have been crafting like crazy ever since. 
Well, today was the day!
We had a bit of everything...the felted acorns were not a hit here at all.  I was surprised because I think they are really cool!
Wool things (of course) and I was so pleased that many people knew that they were wool...seems like there is really an increased interest in wool things.  One lady said "Now I know why I can't find a wool sweater at Goodwill!" when I told her what I used to make my wool things from. Hmmm, not sure what she is talking bout!  :)
I made these zip bags from felted wool sweaters and they were really popular!  I believe I sold all five of them.
We pinned the buntings on the front of the tables and they looked great. 
I sold a few small pumpkins, one was going to be used for a pincushion which I thought was a great idea.
Laura's pins were really sweet.  She does a great job making them.  And I love the vintage buttons in the center.
We traded a few things at the end and I picked up some of the hair clips for my nieces.
And I might have swapped for one of these for another niece too!
These gift card holders were really cool...
I had a lot of fun watching the booth next to ours. They had really interesting decorated hula hoops and it was funny to see people trying them out in the aisle. 
Of course I didn't sell out (I did have a dream that I sold out, just wishful thinking!), so this is the back seat of my car on the way home. I should have taken "on the way there" pictures because they were really much neater. On the way back home Sam and I just stuffed it in there!

This was a great learning experience and I had a great time getting to know Laura.  She is really kind and sweet and just fun to be around.  I got sort of stressed out during the set up, because I had so much stuff and it just took me a while to get it organized.  Laura was a calming influence, she just kept organizing and straightening and suddenly we were done


Pokey said...

Good post! Don't you love to grow and learn?

Forgetfulone said...

Love your items! I hope you sold a lot. Looks like you definitely had fun.