Saturday, October 2, 2010

My New Purse (yes it is wool) and Sarah's Craftiness!

This is my new felted wool purse, made from an upcycled sweater.  Isn't it great?  I love the different flowers and the embroidery around the flowers...and the bright orange lining!
It is so cute!  I just put my stuff in there and it fits perfectly.
The lining is really bright, a batik fabric.
The sweater has a tweed-ish look to can see hints of blues and reds and yellow and orange woven into the grey.
And the buttons, aren't they just perfect?
Sunny looking, huh?
This is Sarah...she is the one who says that I am the crafty one...but she is really the crafty one.
She made this necklace set with a magnetic holder on the washer that holds the decorated bottle cap pendants.
And she made the kids' art caddy...
and the dog baskets, complete with dog collars in different sizes....and for different holidays.
They came in small, medium and large size.

And then there is this snowman basket...stuffed full of snowmen.
And a basket full of belts and key fobs and a handbag and a purse tote for sunglasses.
A spa basket...
And the recycle basket, full of books about saving Mother Earth and grocery bags and a bag for saving plastic bags, a set of wool coasters, and my favorite a wool trivet that is so cute!!  I wanted this basket, but I was out bid!
This fall basket was a big hit!  I loved the pumpkin fall pillow and the stuffed pumpkins.
And the felted wool acorns.
And this bag...which now lives with me!
The quilting basket which my sister-in-law bought.  Lots of neat quilting books and patterns, a wool pincushion, scissors, ruler...lots of fun stuff!
This office basket was also a big hit!  Name badge holders, giant paper clips with decorator buttons on the end,  fancy post it note holders, covered button thumb tacks.
And this fabric lunch bag, great way to recycle!
OK, now tell me who is the crafty one?  Sarah made all this stuff!!

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Deb Robertson Writes said...

I love your bag, it's perfect for you! your friend Sarah is incredible, oh my!