Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making Lemonade

You know that saying "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"?  Well that is what I am doing!  I have had surgery on my ankle and calf a week and a half ago.  So here I sit watching HGTV (The Unsellables) with ice on my ankle, with my lovely tie dye cast!  It makes me sort of crazy because I had so many projects planned....
Like this really cool chair I bought at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store one the last time I was in St. clearly needs to be reupholstered!  The really incredible thing is that this chair is solid as a rock, very comfortable, and cost me only $3!!!  I am quite proud of this purchase...I jammed it in the back seat of my Corolla on the way to pick my son up at the airport.  It was a tight fit and let's say there just wasn't a lot of room for luggage back there.
So the chair project will just have to wait.  I did however, drag it into my living room so I could at least look at it and plan what I will do with it.  Please ignore my son's size 14 shoes underneath the chair!
I am participating in Wendy's I Spy Swap...I had forgotten that I signed up for that until I got an email from Wendy July 19, which happened to be the day I had surgery!  I don't usually procrastinate, but this one slipped my mind.  So I sent my son upstairs (which I am not able to climb stairs right now) to find some I Spy suitable fabric in my stash.  He very successfully returned with the appropriate number of fabrics I needed, although he wasn't too excited about the adventure.
So yesterday I got them all cut out and divided into the baggies so I could mail them to Wendy.  They are going out in today's mail.  I can't wait to get my squares in the mail!  I have never made a real I Spy quilt so this should be fun!  The frog fabric is Mr. Toad Gets Dressed by Alexander Henry...I thought it would be perfect!
My son and his friend Alex drug my sewing room downstairs basically so I can keep myself occupied while recuperating.  I had never been able to master making a lettuce edging with my Imagine Baby Lock serger, but the good news is yesterday I was able to master that.  I shortened the sleeves and the hem on a winter knit gown (a Land's End cotton knit gown that I scored for $2 at Goodwill that was in excellent condition and my size!!!) and made this cute lettuce edging! 
Lemonade anyone?

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Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon but give it the time it needs to heal properly.
I love looking at other people's fabric stashs. Have not been brave enough to enter a swap yet.
I remember similar chairs and they are pretty comfy as well as nice looking.
I had to laugh - you sound like me. If I am on the way to do something or meet someone, if there happens to be a thrift on the way and room in the vehicle...