Friday, June 18, 2010


Yes, it is true, I finally got a new blog design that I like thanks to my niece Liz who is the IT expert!!  She made the collage for me, she arranged my blog, she did it all while I snuggled with my great niece, Miss Audrey Lou!
So it's looking much better around here...
Maybe as pretty as these Indian Blanket Flowers I found at Menards!
Look at the one in the middle of the picture...two of the flowers are connected at the center...Siamese twin flowers!


Carol said...

Very cute collage at the top! I love the picture of Sam peeking through the "C". And, I've always loved the picture of you and Chuck (of course)!

EllensCreativePassage said...

Yes, I love it! I had been trying for over a week to get a collage fixed up...Liz did it in minutes!! Sam peeking through the C was just an accident, but it is cute!