Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I saw a really cute toddler dress made with a t-shirt and some pretty flowery single knit cotton fabric.
I bought a t-shirt (50 cents at Goodwill) to make a "test" dress.
I bought 18" of cute pink stars fabric ($1.50 at JoAnns) and sewed it on the top half of the t-shirt. It seemed to work out OK, so I finished the hem on the trial dress (which can be used as a nightie) and then started the "real" project.
I bought a tank at Target for $4 and did the same thing....really cute!
I used my serger to make a ruffled edging for the hem...

Of course I have a cute little girl in mind for this she is on the back of a fire truck (never mind the DANGER sign behind her head!).And because I could, I made two little baby bibs from the scraps of the dress making! They will make a handy addition to a baby gift some time later.
This is why I can make such neat things....I have a great Baby Lock Imagine serger...I can't imagine not having it since I use it for almost every sewing project. My sister Sarah let me use hers to make some baby blankets and I knew I had to have one....hers is an Imagine Wave by Baby Lock.
The background in the dresses and bibs pictures shows my ironing board which I recovered with some leftover flannel. It is the nicest ironing board cover I have ever had and it took maybe 30 minutes to make and it was free!!

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Sarah said...

Serge on, sister! Nice job!