Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two of a Kind!!!

Knitting that second sock has taken me forever!! I guess I have experienced the "second sock syndrome" that the Yarn Harlot ( mentions somewhere in one of her books that I am addicted to. You can see her books listed on the blog.
Anyway, finally I got the second sock done.
And it was well worth the wait.
Don't they just look great? And oddly enough, they are the same length and size. They are made out of cotton which I believe I mentioned earlier, so they are not very stretchy, but luckily enough they are plenty big. Actually they are gigantic!!

I will most certainly be wearing them though! Don't they look great? I have yarn for another four pair, but I think I will take a knitting break and cut out a quilt top today.
I got word today that my Aunt Marge has finished machine quilting the three big quilts and two baby quilts I made, so I will need to bind them by hand when I get my hands on them.
I can't wait to show them to you.

I also made some curtains for my living room, wait til you see them.
I am waiting for the curtain rods to be installed.
I couldn't find the right curtain rods at the right price in the right length, so I bought one white rod and one bronze rod and then I.....
Well I will just have to show you when I get the curtains up...

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