Thursday, June 3, 2010

Creative Container Planting

I bought this basket at Salvation Army for one or two dollars, looks great with some creeping Jenny and an elephant ear bulb. 
Very easy and cheap!
Another cheap basket, painted pink already, I filled it with pink and white dianthus and alyssum and some more creeping Jenny!
Mexican petunia with lizard tail and yes, you guessed it creeping Jenny!  I planted one of those watering bulbs, not for their watering abilities, but just for a zing of color!
A tiny strawberry pot with probably way too many strawberry plants, but we have berries already, I am hopeful it will continue to be happy and produce a few berries.
Groups of three clay pots stuck together....lots of color tossed in the pots.  Most of these I raised from seed, started in late March.
I planted one hanging pot full of just creeping Jenny, one of the darker color grows probably five inches a day.
Another hanging plant on the deck, I try to add some color, some height and some vining to each basket or pot.

This is Sweet William that has outgrown its small flowerbed.  So I dug it up and put it in a pot on the deck for now, added some creeping Jenny and some sheet moss to keep the moisture in.  I am curious to see if it will bloom for me in a pot. 
I love sea shells and have a small collection...I scatter them around the plants and all over the deck and my water garden...
adds a beachy touch!
Sometimes I even have fresh flowers on the deck...queen Anne's lace and black eyed Susans last really long.  These are flowers I found in the WalMart parking lot, in a parking space.  There were 8 long bundles of them and they looked a bit droopy, but I brought them home cut off the stems and they have been looking nice for over a week!
I planted ornamental grasses in pots behind my water garden...I am hoping I can leave the pots there all winter and they will come back up next year. I used purple fountain grass and a variegated ribbon grass for these pots. And of course some creeping Jenny too!
This pot was free, given to me by a friend, so
I filled it with the leftovers from my other plantings and set it behind the water garden. 
The container plantings make the water garden look lush and tropical....the fountain sounds are so relaxing summer evenings. 
I bought this rough wooden container for $10 at a second hand store and filled it with small mosaic pots of the darker creeping Jenny...I thought it added a rustic look to the deck.
Notice the yellow cat ears in the bottom of this picture...she is inspecting things closely!
I also love gazing balls....
And I add ceramic balls to my pots for additional color.  Even my cucumber bush gets some extra color!


Kelli said...

Love the ceramic balls idea!
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I am a huge fan of gardening! Everything looks great!

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TheCraftBarn said...

LOVE your plants! They're all so beautiful!!
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Anonymous said...

I'm a recent follower from an earlier blog hop and just poking my head into say "Hi". I love all the planters you posted and your plants look so lush and green. Good Luck with those strawberries. You do have a talent...smiles.


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Lovely! And that toolbox is really cool! The branch handle is so massively awesome. :)