Friday, May 22, 2009

Garden colors

My one of a kind gazing ball...made out of a bowling ball! I covered it with premixed adhesive grout from Lowes and covered it with an arrangement of glass marbles, ceramic tiles and mirrors. It makes a unique statement in the garden.

Perfect spot for reading the Sunday paper...quiet and shady. Hopefully soon, the moonflower vines I planted will climb up the trellis and make more shade.

Knockout roses are the best....


I think this is salvia...perennial and they are so easy to grow!

Good old daisies standing over the water garden


Sarah said...

You know I would like the gazing ball you made! Cute, cute, cute idea!
You have such as green thumb!

jess said...

Yes, I agree with Sarah on the green thumb. I need you to come spruce up my yard :) It's all I can do to keep my four potted plants alive :)

And I love the umbrella on the porch! Great spot to read the paper for sure.