Saturday, May 2, 2009

Frosty getting in on the action....

I have been getting the "itch" the last few days to do some planting...
Probably around six weeks ago I planted my seeds indoors, lining all my windowsills, awaiting their germination and growth.
I have moonflower vines, coleus, purple bells, bush cucumbers, a lonely zucchini, lots of blackberry daylillies, zinnias, sunflowers, black eyed susans, and probably a few more that I can't think of right now.
I planted for a few hours, very carefully since I have recently had back surgery.
Frosty my favorite cat (until last week when he tore open the last screen in my house at 1:30 am and made me think the house was being broken into by an axe murderer), assisted me the only way he knew how, by being cute!
Happy planting!

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jess said...

Frosty the Cat is hilarious!! He's "helping" you plant by sitting in the planters :) He's so cute. Love all the spring colors of your flowers!