Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Curtains and Curtain Rods

I had been wanting to get new curtain rods and make new curtains for the living room.
I wanted something cheap of course, one of the windows is greater than 88" wide, which means I would have to buy a rod to fit a window up to 120" wide, which means the rod would cost a lot more. I looked in the stores (WalMart, Target, JCPenney) and they only carried the rods up to 88". So of course I got online (my Mom says I am addicted to the computer).
And I found some clearance rods on the JCPenney website....they had a bronze rod 120" wide and a same design rod 48"wide in white only. The price was right though ($9.99 for the short one and $14.99 for the long one) so I decided to spray paint them the black that I wanted.
So two coats of satin black Krylon later....
the rods and ends all matched.

They turned out really nice looking.
By the time I got them up though, there were a few dings which I touched
up with a black permanent marker.
The finished product looked great!

Now let me tell you about the curtains....I bought the fabric at an auction for $4 a
piece which ranged from 6-10 yards each.
I purchased six pieces for a total of $24.
So, I made the curtains for my living room windows for only $24.

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