Wednesday, April 8, 2009

$4 Attitude Adjustment

I found this new shower curtain in my linen closet when I changed from my winter shower curtain (snowflakes) to my non-winter curtain. I found a $3 price tag on the package and have no memory of buying it, but I was thrilled to have something new. However I had red poppy Wallies ( on the walls of my bathroom.
I was in the Dollar Tree when I found these adhesive wall decorations. A lot of them were kid related, but I loved the colors of this leaf pack. I paid $1 for the strip of 8 decals. They are opaque and they go on and pull off without damaging the walls or paint. So far they have held up to all the moisture of the bathroom.

You can see how good the decals look with the shower curtain.

I even stuck one on the top of a painted shelf that my grandfather made for me.

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Sarah said...

It's amazing how creative you can be without spending alot of money. You've got that talent. Maybe you should write a book.......