Thursday, September 6, 2012

Red Frame Wreath

Woo hoo!  Another project from my visit to my niece Jess and her husband Mike’s casa.  Jess pretty much had a project for me hourly the last few days I was there!  No worries though, I loved it!


It was a hot but beautiful day, so it was great to be outside! Jess wanted a wreath for her front door, so we had shopped for supplies and made this one.  While we were at the ReStore, I found a square frame for just a few bucks.  We also bought a medium size wreath that I was fairly sure would fit inside the frame. 


The frame was white; that had to go!  Jess is all about bright pops of color everywhere…so gloss red it was!  I gave it several light coats. 


We added some burlap ribbon to attach the wreath to the back of the frame. 


I had used a few coats of clear sealer on the wreath to give it some depth.  We added a single red flower and a few leaves…


Jess had the idea to hang it on the mirror…not sure I would have thought of that, but it looks great there!

photo (23)

At first we did not paint the back of the frame but when we hung it on the mirror, it was obvious we needed to do so…

photo (22)

Looks great and cost no more than $12!

photo (21)

The funny thing was that inside the frame there was a smaller wooden frame that was wood too…so we painted it red too and put it around an Eiffel tower on the kitchen counter!


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