Thursday, March 17, 2011 that you?

Maybe because this is the first daffodil bloom of the spring...
maybe it is because central Missouri got a near record 51 inches of snow this winter...
either way, I am soooo happy to see this little daffodil blooming!
After I got to tromping around the yard and edge of the woods looking for the crocus, I found them too!   I never did find the snowdrops blooming, but I think perhaps they bloomed underneath all that snow!
I found Rachel the wonder dog standing on these, you can see the one in the front has some crumple lines.
She of course was oblivious to the ramifications of standing on new spring flowers!  I am not sure she was impressed after I explained it to her either!
It was 78 degrees today when I got off work at 5:30, so Rachel was panting like it was August.
I love the periwinkle blue color of these crocus.
Rachel is looking down the gravel road, waiting for her boy to get home.  She used to wait for the school bus every day but now her boy drives so she waits for his car.  She always recognizes his car.  She is 10 years old this year and is starting to show some grey around her muzzle.
This striped crocus is pretty.  Only one came up, last year there were probably a dozen in that same spot.
Black dogs are hard to photograph, but I thought this was a pretty good shot of Miss Rachel Manatee!  She had her yearly bath last weekend, so she is all spiffed up!
Even the moss at the edge of the yard is greening up!
I hope that we don't have any more snow, but I hear the Farmer's Almanac says we are going to have another big snowstorm in late March...I am just saying, I HOPE NOT!
Amen sister!

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Silver Daisies said...

Jealous! Every time a flower blooms where I am, it snows the next day! Silly weather, make up your mind!