Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some of my favorite flowers...

I love spring...I love spring flowers....Ajuga Peach colored Narcissus

This is a vintage narcissus that my great grandmother had at her house where my Dad grew up...

I don't know what you call these, but they are abundant just in my yard this time of year...delicate and pretty.

Dogwood of course...

I have sort of an unkempt woodsy yard.

And these wild violets...especially the white ones with the violet shading inside them.

And the lilac bush that I moved from my old house to my new house 10 years ago.

They smell sooooo good this year.

I even love Dandelions because my son used to bring me handfuls of them, without stems...I would have to float them in a shallow bowl because they were totally stemless! And I loved getting those squished handfuls!

And this is the kitty cat flower, AKA Mama Kitty....she loves spring as much as I can see violets under her front feet here. It never seems to bother her when she stands on them, even while I am trying to photograph the flowers!

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jess said...

Your lilacs are gorgeous! And of course I like the cat picture at the end:)