Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Houston, We have a problem!

Remember our beautiful Christmas tree? Well, we have been watering it often and were very pleased with it...Very nice, right up until yesterday evening when I noticed there were a LOT of evergreen needles under the tree all around and on top of the presents.

So I cleaned moved all the presents and vacuumed all around the tree. That taken care of, I went to sleep dreaming of snickerdoodles and sugar plums.
The next morning I awoke to this...the floor was covered all around the tree and on top of the tree skirt. I didn't replace the packages from the night before, so this is all new accumulation!

I got to looking at the poor tree and it was practically bald!

Its limbs were startling bare. Upon closer inspection, we determined it was not salvageable. And you have to have a Christmas tree three days before Christmas! So I had this small tree for decoration...
I dug out a strand of twenty lights...I didn't think this little tree could hold more than that!
Now we have a tree, Santa can come, presents can rest underneath, all is well with the world!
Penelope the Christmas pig quietly guards the presents! Just because I cannot do an entire post without a mention of wool, please note she has felted wool balls on her hat and scarf!


Sandy said...

So sorry that your tree shed. What a disappointment but you made a great recovery. Merry Christmas

Nichole said...

Oh no! That's why I'm scared of having a real tree :o)

I'm glad you have a new tree so Santa knows where to leave the presents :o)

Merry Christmas!