Thursday, October 22, 2009

Touring the Amish Stores With Bonnie and Dorothy

Would you go anywhere with these two ladies?? Well, I do all the time and they are harmless even though the pictures might, well, indicate otherwise. That's Dorothy above and Bonnie below.
Here we are in Weavers Country Market in Versailles ( ). This store is chock full of all sorts of meal makins! I found stuff I didn't even know existed and it is packaged in bags--no boxes (except the one they load up at the end with all you buy). You can pretty much buy what you want there.

Noodles, utensils, cookware, enamel spatter ware and
lots of baking items like chocolate chips,


coffee and cream almonds,
and of course hot wasabi green peas (never heard of them before)!

I just love the shelves and shelves full of all sorts of dry goods
and these cute wooden striped scoops, how cute are they?

I have a thing for cobalt blue enamel ware and they do have it there at Weavers. Right now I am eating some potato soup from Weavers (I made it from this handy little mix I got there) out of an enamel ware soup cup from Weavers.
Mixes of all kinds abound--soups, cookies, brownies, gingerbread, cornbread.
Flavored gelatin looks pretty on the shelf and comes in many flavors. And I thought it wasn't jello if it wasn't in the little box!

I've got lots of noodles, wheat germ, crystallized ginger (great tasting and good for your digestion!), chicken rub, and all sorts of scrumptious soup mixes in my cart. By the way, I did not get the hot wasabi peas!After all this we went to a local bakery for apple dumplings, fresh bread and some banana bread! Mmmmm!

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a good time! Bonnie is such a nice person!