Thursday, July 30, 2009

Before and After....Again!

This is what my smallish living room has looked like for about 5 months. My sewing, weaving, and craft room is upstairs. I have been unable to go up those stairs because of a back injury and surgery, so I had my family bring down all the important things so that I could keep occupied. I think crafting for me is cheap therapy (right, Sarah?), it kept me from going stir crazy. I have never been a tidy crafter though, so the living room has been a disaster area!
This is my living room today, after the kitchen table was taken back to the kitchen and the sewing machines and piles of fabric are back upstairs. The house has been thoroughly cleaned and is now back to its old self.


jess said...

Looks much more serene! I'm sure it makes you feel better to have it in order :) Love you!

Sarah said...

If you think this is messy, wait until I come for the weekend. You will have thread hanging from the light fixtures and fabric wrapped around the tv. :c)